Edward Stapleton, Co founder of Nervous Gender, synth punk/Industrial Band (1978) and Matt Comeione, San Diego Mod and Cal Arts trained composer.

It was by sheer chance that Matt Comeione and I got together. One of those completely unforseen situations that happen now and again in life.
We meshed immediately. It was like two fulminates coming together and the musical explosion was immediate. New releases in the works!

Contemptus mundi,  “contempt of the world” and worldly concerns,

“Noli ignoscere” literally means “you shall not want to forgive”
“Noli oblivisci” then is “you shall not want to be forgotten”

Hazumi Studio

Robert Imhuman I feel this is a prime time to once again announce my Love for people like Edward Stapleton, beautiful example of reflecting and sharing past faces, while continuously offering the new and now. You’ve only become a role model in further ways over the years, my friend and as for the NG project, wow the 21st century is more a time for it than ever, incredible

Reuben Jansen‏ @ReubenJansenTIM

This is rad as hell. Sort of like the Residents, but really pissed-off. As a long-time Nervous Gender fan, I’m glad to know Nervous Gender Reloaded is a thing.